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Welcome to Boretti Inc.

Boretti Inc. evaluates, develops and implements safety, health and environmental solutions for our clients.

What makes us unique and valued by our clients is our ability to take safety beyond compliance by integrating it into the organization, improving work processes and daily operations, with a focused outcome of increasing efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Who We Are

Boretti Inc. is an integrated safety solutions firm with over 120 combined years of experience. We have an extensive background in using Safety, Health & Environmental techniques with a highly competent, rounded staff of CSP's and Masters degrees.

What We Do

Our focus is on reducing enterprise exposure using Environmental, Health & Safety as the vehicle to achieve your mission and objectives to meet your human resource, environmental, and social obligations.


We work with many different kinds of organizations and companies.  


Boretti Inc. has developed SafetyNAV to provide you with online safety resources pertinent to your organization. Our direct focus is on helping you provide a better working environment for your company and employees.



Office: 559-372-7545

Fax: 866-423-6089


Integrated Safety Solutions

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Safety Compliance Update - 1/13/15