Boretti, Inc. designs,

develops & implements

safety, health and

environmental solutions

Team approach with

expertise in many

fields providing safety

beyond compliance

Assess your business

operations as a whole

and where needed,

integrate safety solutions

to improve overall

efficiency & productivity


Provide an individualized Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) experience that fosters confidence and trust to deliver strong results.
Compliance with safety regulations is a minimum standard to achieve; it is a floor, not a ceiling. This is a message that even OSHA continually promotes.
Profitable companies have become and remain that way because they manage safety as part of their process. Safety is not an adjunct; it contributes to continuous process improvement.
Organizations with people oriented cultures, active safety leadership and proactive return-to-work programs can be as much as 3x more efficient and productive than organizations that do not.


Identify effective measures; relate to business goals and desired outcomes.
Cultural, behavioral, managerial based; align to business goals and outcomes.
Identify sources and offer options to resolve. IH service includes but not limited to: Noise Survey – measurement of noise
exposure; reduce levels. Air Monitoring Survey – measurement of airborne levels; reduce containments.
Office and industrial evaluations, teams, programs.
RSL’s, test requirements, vendor agreements, consumer product safety gap analysis, recall protocols, etc.
Monitor performance and act as SH&E manager to address safety, health and environmental concerns; keep the company abreast
of safety issues impacting operations.
Physical and managerial; conducted on-site to identify and define safety issues for focusing the safety process and strategy.
On-site and research; identify and define the problem, and develop solution options.
Organize and write; formalize the safety process with documentation tools.
Skill-enhancing education with tests; target desired safety practices, recording of completion
Pre-event preparation, event response, and post-event management recovery; delivery of formalized, organized process, practice scenarios and drills.
Present on-site with CAL/OSHA visits, assistance with completion of compliance visit paperwork and documents, preparation of response to alleged citations, preparation for scheduling appeal and informal conference, and attendance at informal conference.


An interactive online experience for clients seeking access to safety resources that will support daily safety needs.



With over 33 years of experience, James has an extensive background in the field of Occupational Safety & Health. James is President of Boretti, Inc., a professional Safety, Health & Environmental firm providing a broad range of technical and business safety solutions. He has successfully consulted with an array of clients and industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, television, construction, and agricultural environments. His efforts have resulted in measurable, improved operational efficiency and productivity, lowered insurance rates, reduced claims frequency, and OSHA compliance.

Greg has over 45 years of loss control and safety consulting experience with public and private industry clients ranging in size from 10 to over 10,000 employees. He has provided services to the healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing & distribution, municipal & county governments, and residential & commercial heavy industrial construction. His efforts have resulted in the reduction of experience modification factors from over 1.5 to as low as 0.69. Greg has 16 years of experience as a Loss Control Manager/Director, 7 years as a Professional Firefighter/Staff Officer, and 10 years as a Safety Site Manager in the heavy construction industry (i.e. copper smelter, coal-fired power plant, chemical plant, and food processing plant).

J.T offers a rich background in the Safety, Health & Environmental (SH&E) fields as both a manager and safety professional. Before coming to Boretti, Inc., J.T worked as the Director of Safety & Health for an industry-leading specialty trade subcontractor where he created and executed a comprehensive occupational safety and health program for all the corporate and company projects. With Boretti, Inc., J.T spent 5 years as an SH&E Professional where he evaluated client organizational needs, isolated areas for improvement, and implemented long-term service plans to assist clients in reaching their goals.

Michael offers an extensive background in the Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental fields. His experience includes conducting safety assessments, analyzing job safety, evaluating ergonomics, developing & implementing safety programs, and conducting safety training on a wide variety of subjects including confined spaces entry.

Allison possesses a widespread knowledge base in the field of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. Her experience includes conducting safety assessments, ergonomics evaluations, and writing safety programs. Before coming to Boretti, Inc., Allison gained a broad range of experience in the safety field by conducting numerous assessments, including the areas of hazardous waste, underground storage tanks, and food safety, while working as a government intern.

As a 28-year Navy veteran, Ted is an action-oriented professional with a broad knowledge of the safety, health, and environmental fields. Ted has managed U.S. Navy safety programs in Sasebo and Yokosuka, Japan, as well as in San Diego and Lemoore, California. He has developed numerous training programs for the Department of Defense (DOD), U.S. Navy, and Boretti, Inc. clients.
His experience includes Confined Space, Dry Ice, Lithium Battery Disposal, Ergonomic Assessments, Job Safety Analysis, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, and Fleet/Traffic/Motorcycle Safety. He has developed 2500+ individual Lockout/Blockout procedures and completed 250+ injury and motor vehicle investigations, completing trend analysis based on injury statistics.

Albert has been a Safety Manager with 17+ years of experience in the areas of Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Management, Emergency Management Services, Safety Prevention Programs, Behavioral Based Safety, and Workers’ Compensation Claims Management. Albert’s experience includes completing safety and environmental inspections, identifying issues and developing corrective action plans to ensure compliance with Cal-OSHA, EPA, and state and local regulations. He additionally has experience in accident investigation, as well as monitoring the use, storage, and disposal of hazardous chemicals and materials.

Prior to joining Boretti, Inc., Tony worked as the Director of Health and Safety for an Environmental Civil Contractor in Southern California where he revised their Occupational Health and Safety program and instituted an innovative Behavior Based Safety program. He conducted monthly safety meetings and training on construction and environmental topics. Tony has also worked as a Senior Project Manager, successfully completing remediation, industrial cleaning, and emergency response projects.

Prior to joining the Boretti team, Martha gained over 35+ years of experience in Occupational Safety and Health working with companies in the Agricultural, Marketing, and Insurance fields. As a Risk and Compliance Manager for both Hancock Farmland Services and RPC Packing, Inc., Martha successfully designed and implemented Occupational Safety and Food Safety programs while maintaining FDA, DOL, OSHA, EPA, CDPR, USDA, and CDFA compliance in the Large-Scale Farming, Food Defense, Recall, and Produce Safety areas.

Over 40 years of experience in safety management, human resources, and administrative services. Responsible for administrative functions and operations.

Stephanie has over 12 years of financial analysis experience. She is responsible for invoicing and accounts receivables.

Debra has been with the company for over 7 years and has extensive organizational skills.

Responsible for administration of the Boretti, Inc. and SafetyNav websites, the overall social media postings, and the marketing event announcements.

Richard offers over 31 years in safety, project engineering, management for construction, manufacturing, and industry. His most recent 15 years of experience includes being the acting Safety Manager for the Alameda County Water District, a Professional Safety Expert for Google, a Site Safety Engineer for demolition and remediation projects, the Fall Protection Subject Matter Expert and Industrial Safety Engineer for a National laboratory, a Safety Consultant for several medical facilities, and a Corporate Safety Manager for a construction service company.

Randy is responsible for sales and account relationships in Southern California and Government entities.

A2M2 Strategy



Prior to providing any advice, we complete an assessment of your business operation and provide an implementation strategy.



We partner with you to take action in implementing solutions.



Together, we then agree upon what to measure and develop a matrix to successfully measure safety initiative performance.



Lastly, we monitor initiatives to ensure sustained results.


On behalf of Constellation Brands (Mission Bell Winery), I would like to thank you for the great services and training you have provided Mission Bell. The classes presented to our 200 plus employees during our annual safety day made a positive impact on our safety culture. The professionalism and experience of the instructor (JT Parnell) was demonstrated during the training, which reinforced learning and engagement of our employees. The many consultation projects (lockout/tagout, confined space, etc.) resulted in Mission Bell not just meeting standards but well exceeding them. I would highly recommend your services to others looking for the many services offered by Boretti and we look forward to working with you for future training/consultation needs.


Boretti, Inc. provides York Risk Services Group customers with informative seminars that are focused on implementing safe practices and mitigating exposure to loss. Boretti, Inc. provides on-site safety consulting services that are industry specific and have greatly reduced our client’s exposure to costly injuries.GLEN R. ZEPNICK, AFIS
I’ve known James for over 10 years and have been impressed with him and his organization since our first meeting. James and his staff has consistently and constantly demonstrated the upmost in professionalism, skill, quality and ethics. James Boretti, Inc. helped us develop and design the safety program that we use today, assisted and defended us against OSHA during an inspection to a positive outcome, helped us comply with CA Proposition 65, has conducted numerous industrial hygiene measurements, has conducted Safety training, quarterly inspections and has helped us developed a Business Continuity Plan. James Boretti, Inc. possesses a knowledge of their industry that is second to none and as such, we trust no one else to help us when it comes to any and all issues involving Risk Management.ALEXANDRA KIDNEIGH, HR / SAFETY COORDINATOR TEAMWORK ATHLETIC
Boretti, Inc has partnered with Kingston Technology for over 15 years providing services that support our Environmental, Health & Safety program. Boretti has extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, helping Kingston maintain compliance with all related agencies.ANDREA HANSON; SENIOR EHS ENGINEER KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY


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