“Tools, Techniques & Ideas to Create an Injury-Free Workplace”

Jun 15, 2018 | Friday Quotes

“The tools, techniques and ideas to create an injury-free workplace are the same tools, techniques and ideas to be the best in the world at everything you do.”

– Paul O’Neill, former CEO, Alcoa

Safety is a microcosm focus on the whole business. If the organization can get safety right, then the whole organization elevates. This is where MOST executives miss the point: they view safety as “non-productive” and an “expense” rather than a honing of successful organizational skills. If Paul O’Neill can get a company of 143,000 people to be profitable and the safest in the world, then why can’t executives of other companies do the same? Executives need not be afraid of safety: they need to own it.


Post by James Boretti, CEO/President of Boretti, Inc.

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