Interview with Pam Walaski, CSP || Client Side Chats

Jun 18, 2020 | Client Side Chats

Pam Walaski, CSP is the Senior Program Director for Specialty Technical Consultants. Her company focuses heavily on auditing and safety management systems, as well as regulatory compliance. In this #Client Side Chat, Pam and James discuss how Pam has adapted the auditing process to an online setting and working remotely. It is important to note that as a member of the ASSP, Pam is preparing for the Safety Professional Development Conference (PDC) virtual 3-day event. Although attendees cannot be physically present at the PDC, Pam is looking on the bright side in that people can meet together in Zoom Rooms, and everyone has up to 60 days to view all event recordings. If you would like to attend the #Safety2020 PDC, follow the link below:

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