How to Add Sub-Accounts under a Parent Account


From your “Account” page, under the tab “Subscriptions”, clicking on the “Sub-Accounts” link will reveal the corporate account information for that subscription with the following options:

Corporate account for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis tells the user what corporate subscription data they are looking at. The x’s will be replaced with the subscription ID for that corporate member’s subscription.

X of X Sub Accounts Used – Here, the user will see how many of their allocated sub-accounts have been used. An example may be: 10 of 20 Sub Accounts Used.

Add Sub Account (button) – Clicking this button will reveal a form with the following details:

Existing Username: The corporate user can use this entry form to put the username of an existing user on your site to add that user under their corporate membership. The field does not support entry of the user’s email or move an existing user if they are currently associated with another corporate account.

– OR – (under this header, the corporate user can use the entries to create a new WordPress user to be added under their account)

Username: (Required) Used to enter the username that will be associated with the sub-account. ~ The User’s Email will become the Username ~

Email: (Required) Enter the email to be associated with the sub-account. The new members welcome email will be sent to this email if that option is enabled below.

First Name: (Required) Used to enter the first name of the user as needed.

Last Name: (Required) Used to enter the last name of the user as needed.

Search Sub Accounts – Corporate account can use this search bar to search for sub-accounts in the table below it instead of manually searching each page. For best results, search by username or email.

Sub Accounts table – Here, the corporate account user will be able to see all sub-accounts associated with their Corporate Account. The table will show the sub-account’s username, email, first name, last name, and also give the option to manually remove any sub-accounts with the “Remove” link next to each entry.

Previous/Next Page: The Corporate Account user can use these options to manually scroll through the pages of sub-account users.

Export Sub Accounts: Clicking on this option just below the sub-accounts table will export all sub-accounts associated with the Corporate Account user.

Sign up URL – This is a simple URL that the Corporate Account user can copy and send to anyone they would like to subscribe under their membership. Use the clipboard icon to easily copy it.

Import Sub Accounts via CSV – The Corporate Account holder can use this section to import a previously created comma delimited CSV file with a maximum of 200 sub-account entries. Additionally, they can enable or disable the following emails:

Send NEW members a password reset link (does not email existing members): Sends the user a simple password reset link. The Corporate Account user should use this option if they don’t already know the sub-accounts passwords. This is because the welcome email cannot include any password information.
Send NEW members the welcome email if they haven’t received it already for the membership: This is the same welcome email mentioned above in the “Add Sub Account (button)” section.
Formatting the Sub Accounts CSV File

The only fields needed for the CSV are:

* Username (“username”)
* Email (“email”)
* First name (“first_name”)
* Last name (“last_name”)